Install Spotify On Your Gait Trainer 3

Here's how.

Connecting the Gait Trainer to Wifi

1. From the Gait Trainer 3 Home screen, select the Utilities icon.

Connecting to WiFi Step 1 Screen

2. Select the Wifi Settings icon.

Connecting to WiFi Step 2 Screen

3. Touch the drop-down menu and select a Wifi network.

Connecting to WiFi Step 3 Screen

4. Select the keyboard icon. An on-screen keyboard displays.

Connecting to WiFi Step 4 Screen

5. Enter your password and select the Connect button. A message will display with the Wireless network you are connected to.

Connecting to WiFi Step 5 Screen

Note: The Available Wifi Networks drop-down menu will not function when connected to the Internet. Select the Disconnect button to choose a different Wifi network.

Subscribing to Spotify Premium

1. Go to Note: It is easiest to set up your account on a PC or laptop.

2. Click <Premium>.

3. Click <Get Premium>.

4. Select the plan that is the best fit for you.

Note: A location with two or more Gait Trainers should select a Premium for Family account. A Spotify account cannot be logged into two different devices at once, but a Premium for Family account can be logged into five devices at once.

5. Enter your information on the fill form.

6. Click the green button at the bottom of the page to get started.

Note: Remember your email address and password to log into Spotify on the Gait Trainer.

Learn more about Spotify Premium >

Redeeming Your Spotify Gift Card

1. If a Spotify gift card was provided, click <Redeem> on the Profile/Account Overview page.

spotify gift card 1

2. Scratch the back of the gift card to reveal the PIN number.

3. Enter the PIN on the back of your gift card, or enter the premium code from your in-store receipt.

spotify gift card 2

4. Enter your postal code.

5. Click the Enter Code button.

6. A screen displays with the length of time on your gift card.

spotify gift card 3

7. Click <REDEEM CODE>.

8. A confirmation page displays with your order number.


For more information, visit the Spotify FAQs >

Installing Spotify on Your Gait Trainer

NOTE: Before setting up Spotify on the Gait Trainer, the following is required:

  • Gait Trainer v3.0.36 or higher
  • Internet connection on display panel
  • Music Therapy activated on display panel (please see the Gait Trainer Instructions for Use (IFU) manual if you need more information).

1. On the Gait Trainer Home screen, select the Gait Trainer icon.

2. Select an existing patient, or enter new patient information, and select the Next button.

3. Select the Music button.

Installing Spotify Step 3 Screen

4. Select the Spotify button.

Installing Spotify Step 4 Screen

5. A Spotify window will pop up. Select the Run button.

Installing Spotify Step 5 Screen

6. A progress bar will display.

Installing Spotify Step 6 Screen

7. Once Spotify has downloaded, a new Spotify screen will display. Select the LOG IN button.

Installing Spotify Step 7 Screen

8. Close Spotify and navigate back to the Gait Trainer Spotify button. Select the Spotify button.

9. Using the on-screen keyboard, enter your email address and password.

Installing Spotify Step 9 Screen

10. Select the LOG IN button.

Installing Spotify Step 10 Screen

Note: Installing Spotify is a one-time process. Once installed, it will not launch the browser. It can be uninstalled to simulate a fresh Gait Trainer. However, this is a manual process using the Windows control panel.


Searching for DJTherEX

Using Spotify screen 1

• In the Search box, search for DJTherEx.

Note: Ensure you are using the Spotify app. Using the Spotify web player will not allow you to search for DJTherEx. Searching for Biodex may bring up certain DJTherEx playlists on the Spotify web player.

Note: To go directly to DJTherEx, go to:

Note: If you close the on-screen keyboard and need it again later, minimize Spotify and touch <Spotify> on the Gait Trainer screen to display it again.

Note: To play Spotify music offline, internet connection to Spotify is required approximately every 30 days to verify you still have a Premium subscription.

Note: Show Keyboard is a default feature and can be deselected if necessary.

• Follow DJTherEx by clicking <FOLLOW>. Click any playlist and click <FOLLOW>. A Download switch appears.

Follow DJTherEX screen

• Select <Download> for each playlist you would like on the Gait Trainer.

Download DJTherEX playlists screen

Note: Downloading allows you to listen to certain music without a Wifi connection.

Listen to music off Wifi screen

Note: The Gait Trainer 3 should remain connected to the Internet. Spotify will push updates to the application. Problems using Spotify may occur if updates are not current.

Playing DJTherEX Music on the Gait Trainer

• Select <Default Library>(USB) or <Spotify>.

• Select a song.

Play Music through Gait Trainer screen


• To change the tempo of a song from the USB default library:

Touch the down arrow Metronome to slow the pace.

Touch the up arrow Metronome to make the pace faster.

Change BPM Screen

Note: The tempo cannot be changed within the Gait Trainer application when using Spotify. Select the playlists that fit the patient’s abilities for best results.

Choose music on Spotify that matches patient abilities Screen


When Spotify is selected, touch the desired playlist and song to play.

Select Spotify song to play screen

To select a different playlist in Spotify:

• Touch the Music icon.

• Select <Spotify>.

• Select the desired playlist and song.

Note: Spotify must be minimized to return to the Gait Trainer biofeedback screen.

Turn Off Autoplay Screen

Note: Spotify will automatically continue to play songs of a similar genre, but not the same tempo or time signature.


To play only songs from the playlist, turn off Autoplay in Settings.

Tips for Creating Your Own Spotify Playlists

Biodex wants you to get the most out of using Spotify on your Gait Trainer. If you are interested in creating your own playlists for gait training, keep a few things in mind:

• Some songs include instrument solos, preludes, or specific measures with time signature changes that may affect therapy for your patient. Songs selected for the DJTherEX playlists avoid these changes.

• If you do choose to create your own playlist for Gait Trainer use, we strongly recommend you choose songs that strictly follow a 4:4 time signature without deviation.

• It’s also important to limit your playlists to a bpm range of ten to avoid progressing walking speed too quickly during one therapy session (e.g. 70-80 bpm or 120-130 bpm).

Access tutorials for Spotify playlists here >  

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