Discover Music That Moves You

Take music-enhanced gait training to the next level with popular music selections on Spotify.

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Listening to music you love has obvious benefits in rehab. That's why Biodex lets you access popular music playlists via Spotify on the Gait Trainer 3.

How Does it Work?

  1. Set up your Spotify account.
    Create a dedicated Spotify Premium account at using your PC or laptop.

  2. Install Spotify on your Gait Trainer.
    Get Spotify up and running on your own. Not too tech-savvy? We're here to help.

  3. Follow Biodex and find music.
    Search on Spotify for DJTherEX to access genre-specific playlists. Find your patient's favorite!

Ready to get started?

Tell us how you would like Spotify to be installed on your Gait Trainer 3.

Find Your Stride

Our Spotify playlists feature music you and your patients will love to move to.

Music selections are culturally diverse for a variety of patient populations.

The fun playlists are based on similar genres, tempos, and beats.

Songs are kept within a 10 bpm range to match gait training readiness levels.

Use the 4:4 time signatures as a guide and the prominent downbeats to stay motivated.

Minimal Syncopation
Rhythms rarely go offbeat for endurance building in a safe setting.

Simpler Compositions
Songs with three to five instruments hold together when tempo is changed.

Questions? We can help. 

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